Name Server Control Protocol solutions


An Automated Synchronization Mechanism for Configuration Data of DNS (Domain Name  System) Name Servers


   This document proposes an in-band synchronization mechanism to automatically synchronize configuration data among multiple DNS(Domain Name System) name servers.  Using this mechanism, any part of configuration data of a name server can be constructed as a similar DNS zone file, and be automatically synchronized by DNS messaging and notifying mechanisms.

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Design for a Nameserver Control Protocol


   This document presents a design for a nameserver control protocol(NSCP).

   A common data model for describing the configuration and operation ofa basic, but usable, generic name server is defined.  This is expressed in a formal modeling language (YANG) and can be used as the basis of a set of NETCONF operations and capabilities.

   The data model described is extensible and will allow for the creation of additional capabilities, ensuring that the protocol can support all the features of a name server.

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