SIE(security information exchange) is a trusted, private framework for information sharing in the Internet Security field. Participants can operate real time sensors that upload and/or inject live data to SIE, and other participants can subscribe to this data either in real time, or by query access, or by limited and anonymized download.

Participants are network operators (including ISPs, enterprise, academic, and research), law enforcement (internationally), security companies (including anti-virus, intrusion detection, &etc), and research (including academic, Internet do-gooder, government, and commercial). All access and use, either commercial or noncommercial, must be in the public interest.


Pic:SIE platform construction plan

The clients send data to the platform. Users can obtain the basic data service by accessing the platform. There are 4 services.

A. Provide data sharing service

B. Customised service for users

C. Integrated Service Platform

D. Data research and analyze