CILAB Annual Conference Held At CNNIC

 From April 26 to 30, the CILAB annual conference was held at CNNIC. The technology developers from U.S., Netherland, Japn and CNNIC attended the meeting.During the meeting, the conferee summarized the development situation of 2009, made the project plan of 2010 and further discussed the technical details.
 Discussion focused on the area of DNS technology and CILAB cooperation projects, especially the Bind 10 project which has been released 2 versions. The latest version realized authoritative server with the basic query function.The engineers from CNNIC have designed and developed the user interface , data update and DNS python library. They will also collect the requirements and feedback from ISP which will guide the design and realization of Bind10.

 The CNNIC-ISC Join Lab on Internet Technologies(CILAB)is co-founded by the China Internet Network Information Centre(CNNIC)and the Internet Systems Consortium(ISC) on February 8,2010. Utilizing advantages of both sides. CILAB is dedicated to advanced technology and infrastucture of Internet industry. To strengthen further cooperation, ISC is going to do a three-month academic visit at CNNIC.