CNNIC and ISC Sign Contract for Joint Development of Basic Software of Global Domain Name System

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and the internationally leading technical organization Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the “International Summit Forum of the Advanced Technology of Internet Domain Names”, the first convention on domain name in China. , According to the agreement both parties will cooperate in developing domain name system (DNS) service software and relevant technologies. Consequently, the cooperation will raise the safety factor for the domain name system in China, enhance China’s ability in research and development and strengthen China’s presence in the realm of basic software for the global domain name system.

CNNIC will have in-depth cooperation with ISC in developing the next-generation global domain name system software (BIND 10). In addition, both parties will, by dispatching experts and engineers to each other, establish a coordination mechanism.

The domain name system software BIND 9 developed and deployed by ISC in 1998 has been installed in over 80% of millions of domain name system servers throughout the world. It is the most widely used server software that fulfills relevant standards of the domain name system.

The cooperation between CNNIC and ISC will push CNNIC to greatly upgrade its domain name operating services, deepen relevant technical research and provide CNNIC with support and protection in meeting challenges regarding the safety of domain name system against the new scenario for Internet operation.