Conference of CNNIC-ISC Joint Lab on Internet Technologies Held at CNNIC


From Jan 23 to 26, the CNNIC-ISC Joint Lab on Internet Technologies (CILAB) annual conference of 2011 was held in Beijing. CNNIC invited the famous DNS technical expert Paul Vixie who is also the chairman of Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) and Co-Director of CNNIC-ISC Joint Lab on Internet Technologies (CILAB) to attend the conference. 


During the conference, Paul summarized the CILAB work of 2010 and made the new plan for CILAB in 2011.Discussion focused on the area of DNS technology and CILAB cooperation projects, especially the Bind 10 project which has been making a significant progress with the efforts of CNNIC. CNNIC and ISC reached the consensus on utilizing the advantages of both sides in the area of internet resources service and continuing to strengthen cooperation with each other. 

Pic: Paul Vixie made a presentation titled "Taking back the DNS"

Paul delivered a lecture on the topic of “Taking back the DNS”, introducing the Response Policy Zones technology in details. This is his latest thinking on DNS system architecture. At the same time, Paul gave a high appraisal to the cooperation project Bind 10 and 5 engineers from CNNIC DNS Lab. He hoped to keep the long-term cooperation relationship with CNNIC in the future. 

Pic: Attendees of the CILAB Annual Conference